Hamilton Film Centre offers coaching for auditions. Private coaching is actor training at its best. The amount of time devoted entirely to your work is the obvious reason for this – the scope of the sessions allow you to move deeply into the scene, your approach, the moments. Using the highly effective techniques and tools you experience in the Centre’s group classes, your acting coach stays with you, prodding, unravelling, supporting you as you find your way to clarity and confidence. Some actors regularly use private sessions to prepare for auditions or roles, others make weekly or monthly private and semi-private sessions a consistent part of their actor training.

Audition coaching, takes the audition material apart and helps you do what is needed most: the acting. Techniques and tricks to solve problems like props, movement, fights, kisses, accents and more will be given. Alternative approaches to the material can be also developed should you be asked in the audition to deliver the work differently.

RATE: $50.00 +HST per hour